Student Development

We offer so many kinds of Clubs to help students cultivate and develop their interests. Of course, we encourage students to have their own ideas , if the students want to start a club by themselves, we are glad to offer fully support. Here are some information about the Clubs:

  • 1st Aid

    learn how to help someone who is hurt! You will learn how to act if someone breaks a leg, spills boiling water on their hand, has a heart attack and so much more.

    Materials: triangular bandages, first aid gloves, band-aids, gauze pads, gauze rolls, disinfectant wipes.

  • Djembe

    discover a sound of another culture- playing Djembe drums, you’ll learn to read an ancient way to read music, as well as playing a new instrument, working together with the rest of the tribe, creating new beats and rhythms 

  • Model& Function

    Do you know how your idol influenced you? Do you know why the world map is flat? Do you know how sherlock and conan find the killer by reasoning? There is one language that is absolutely precise, and that is mathematics, and that is the representation of a model in mathematical language, and that is called a mathematical model. With good mathematical models, you can easily reveal the essence of many phenomena around you! 

  • Thai Language

    Here, you can learn some basic Thai language, you can master some basic dialogues, and you can understand some Thai culture (food, religion, sports, etc.)