Admission for Transfer Student


 ① 递交插班学生的基本报名资料



② 资料递交成功后,预估 (3个工作日)可以安排插班生考试;

③ 插班生考试结束后,录取结果(3-5个工作日)请家长们留心接听招生老师的电话通知;

④ 收到录取结果办理后续入读流程(2-3个工作日);

⑤ 成功入读!


The Flow Table of Interview & Admission for Transfer Student in I-EP 

Admission process for transfer students

(1) Submit required documents of students;

The list of materials is as follows:

Student's resume

The student's transcripts for the last three years (if the student is in the third year or below, no three-year transcripts are available, only the existing transcripts will be provided)

Please collect the materials and send them to the I-EP Admission Teacher via email:

(2)After the data is submitted successfully, it is estimated that the transfer examination can be arranged in three working days;

(3)The interview teacher will draw the admission conclusion within three working days, please pay attention to the admission teacher's telephone notice;

(4)After receiving the result of admission, please follow the guidance of the admission officer to complete the admission procedures in two or three working days;

(5)Successful entry!